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The Emergency Monologues


A comedic storytelling adventure based on my many years of being a downtown paramedic. 

Onstage with Morgan is The Wheel of Misfortune, which is a giant wheel showing around forty five stories. The Wheel is spun and whatever story comes up is the story that he tells. Usually a show will have around 6-10 stories so every performance is completely different. To mix things up on stage, there are also original comedic songs about being a paramedic.

A consistent hit whether at a theatre, a festival, a conference, or in someone's living room.


Winner of Audience Choice Award - SummerWorks

Winner of Best of Fringe - The Toronto Fringe Festival

Sold out audiences from Cape Breton to Vancouver.

"NNNN" Brutally honest, macabre and often hilarious - NOW Magazine

"Hilarious" "Master storyteller" - The Toronto Star

"Four stars. Phillips is a natural storyteller and a total dude". EYE Weekly


Morgan Jones Phillips began his life surrounded by art as he was born in The Baldwin Street Gallery of Photography in Toronto. At 17, he began acting professionally on stage with Second Look Community Arts and later with Mixed Company. He worked mainly in Popular Theatre (working with non-actors to create theatre around their real life experiences) doing Theatre of The Oppressed. He has been an actor, facilitator, director, writer and drama teacher. He taught for many years at Young Peoples Theatre and at various other drama schools and programs. Most significantly, he was the artistic director at KYTES (Kensington Youth Theatre and Employment Skills) where he created original theatre with street involved youth for the purpose of developing communication skills, cooperation skills and learning to work positively with authority. 

In somewhat of a plot twist, he became a paramedic in 2004. After years of telling other people's stories, The Emergency Monologues is his first play where he is the subject.




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The Emergency Monologues

by Morgan Jones Phillips

Recorded in the basement of Keith Jolie, these songs are sure to warm even the coldest burned out hearts of medical professionals.

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